Achieving a sustainable future, one thread at a time


It will come as no surprise that the fashion industry, like any other, has the potential to leave harmful footprints for our environment. Unsustainable mass production, exploitative fast fashion practices, and other uncovered shreds of evidence from the past decades prove that the industry needs a breakthrough.

The (much needed) slow fashion movement that advocates for manufacturing that considers people, the environment, and animals, was founded to respond to unethical fashion practices. Because fashion doesn't have to be that way, good practices are possible, and that is what Samudāy Studios is doing.


To preserve the planet, one cannot act alone. We see that both consumers and producers must work to create change and flip the destructive side of fashion on its head. By producing ethical fashion and shopping small from alternative, planet-friendly brands, we can achieve a sustainable future, one thread at a time.


Sustainable (Fashion) Future Starts Here

Yet little but powerful; our small enterprise has the potential to pave the way for systemic change in the fashion industry. We pride ourselves on operating on a small scale with simple supply chains that we manage locally to preserve materials and the environment, ensuring that the production of our collection is sustainable and well-crafted.

Samudāy Studios offers a limited number of high-quality knitwear, making our statement pieces one of a kind and distinct from (most likely unsustainable) fast fashion brands.


Making A Change With Us

Building a more sustainable future for fashion isn't the only thing we're doing. As a fashion company with a community interest, your purchases can directly help those needing support.In collaboration with Aceso Global Health Consultants' Creative Arts Programme and partners worldwide, we aim to encourage children's creativity to flourish in an engaging environment and provide support for their communities (click here to read one of our picnic stories).


The future depends on what we do in the present. Starting here, we can leave greenfootprints for our earth and give back to the communities in need of support.