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Meow Jumper Raffle Ticket

Meow Jumper Raffle Ticket

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100% of these raffle tickets proceed will directly be donated to the British Red Cross Disaster Emergency Committee to help those effected by the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria. 

The Disaster Emergency Committee appeal is supporting the search and rescue, essential aid and those that have been wounded. With homes destroyed, power down, and hospitals, bridges and roads damaged, thousands of people are in urgent need of help.

Your donation will be used to reach people in urgent need in the aftermath of the earthquakes. It will provide support and aid that includes:

  • Distributing essentials like food water and blankets
  • Setting up temporary shelters to support thousands of survivors who are facing freezing conditions
  • Providing first aid and crisis support
  • Assisting with the rescue efforts and getting people vital medical aid
  • Providing psychosocial support to those who have been traumatised

Raffle ticket entries will go into a draw and the winner will be announced on 9th March 2023.


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